Event support

Product launches and presentations

Whether it is launch of a new product or promotion of an existing one, with our multimedia support, you can make it stand out.

Imagine a multimedia show of a new product: it starts off with darkness... the product is hidden behind a dark curtain... billows of smoke raise from the floor... the background music initially hardly audible... suddenly, beams of light appear with a moveable logo (product, brand or company name) displayed on the curtain... the music changes to staccato... lasers and movable lighting heads are engaged to enhance the show... the tempo of the music goes up... the curtain drops and... there it comes! Accompanied by dancing lights and great allegro tune, the long-awaited product appears... Actually, you can choose what you want to display.

The whole spectacle can be watched from the distance too on large-format displays! A multimedia projector can be utilized to display product photos, videos or multimedia (that we can prepare on your request).